What is the Fintech Law Blog?

This blog aims to explore the emerging legal framework and issues related to the application of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, ICO’s, and smart contracts to the world of finance and business.   Posts may be aimed towards providing introductory background on legal issues impacting cryptocurrency, blockchains, and smart contracts.   Other posts may explore emerging legal issues and innovative applications of the technology applied in finance and business transactions and the changing legal landscape surrounding the emerging applications.  Still others may touch on the need for new or modified public policy related to addressing emerging legal issues associated with cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, ICO’s, and smart contracts.  Additional post will deal specifically with emerging issues and new statutes and case law .

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  1. This blog welcomes and encourages comments and discussion of the application of digital currencies, blockhain technology and smart contracts to business transactions. It is expected that comments will be professional and constructive. Offensive comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted as necessary to maintain a productive and professional exchange of ideas.

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